Massage Testimonials

“The best part of my treatment was the professionalism and knowledge of the therapist, great massage! I would recommend seeing Agata as the massage was therapeutic and relaxing.” Yolande from Aspendale Gardens

“Just wanted to say thanks to Michelle for yet another amazing massage. I had bad muscle tension and Michelle is so good at knowing where the tension is and getting the knots out. Best massage ever and I feel so good. Thank you.”-Anita from Mount Martha

“Today I had an assessment and massage off Michelle for an extremely painful hip and lower back, how thankful am I to her for this treatment as even though it was painful at times it certainly has done the trick and I feel so much better than earlier in the day. Looking forward to my second massage on Saturday.”- Margaret from Bon Beach


Weight Loss Testimonials

“I would recommend the weight loss program because you learn how to change the way that you eat. The biggest changes to my health were losing weight, having more energy and feeling fitter. One of the benefits of the program was realising when I eat junk, how it makes me feel, learning how important protein is in your diet, and that you have to be organised to eat well.” – Katrina from Carrum


“The best part of the weight loss program is the motivation and learning something new each week. I thought it would be similar to Weight Watchers but it was catered to my personal needs and interactive. I feel fit, energetic and less tired at the end of this program” – Veronica from Edithvale


“The biggest changes and benefits to my health were having no rashes, feeling less depressed, and having improved energy and stamina. I would recommend the weight loss program because of the amount of weight and inches I lost and having an improved sense of health and well-being. The best part of the program was having a personal manual, receiving and discussing handouts, discovering new herbs, foods and vitamins for various ailments.  Deb researches thoroughly and has a great understanding of what she is teaching.”- Aileen from Chelsea


“I hoped the weight loss program wasn’t like others, and it’s not. The best part is the motivation of the weekly meetings and the small group size which made me feel very comfortable. Since completion of the program I am not as tired and I feel well. Thank you so much Deb, even through my weight loss has been small, it’s been consistent and I have learnt a lot!” – Michele from Chelsea Heights


“The weight loss program taught me to try different food preparation and recipes to compensate for bread and biscuits. I am now enjoying home made food made by myself. At times I found it hard to stay on track and keep to the program as strictly as I’d wanted to, however, the camaraderie amongst the fellow participants made this easier. This program is great for character building, believing in yourself and promotes self-esteem” – Weight loss participant from Bonbeach


“The weeks that you felt that you’d worked hard and achieved no changes were disheartening, but the group meetings were a great motivator to continue working hard. I was worried the program would be too structured and inflexible but I loved the smaller sized meetings because they weren’t intimidating and the program was flexible enough to adapt easily into everyday life. The food plan gives you control over what you eat and you learn healthier diet and exercise habits. The 3 biggest benefits for me were that my self confidence improved, I feel happier, I have better stress management, I am achieving weight loss & feel proud of myself for the hard work I put in!”- Lauren from Chelsea


“Being a participant in the weight program has enabled me to fit into clothes that I have not been able to wear for 2 years. As the weight has decreased, my confidence and will-power have increased and I am enjoying the benefits of feeling good about myself. My body feels more comfortable, I have more energy and less bloating.”- Mary-Lou, Patterson Lakes


“As a participant of the weight loss program I was impressed by the ongoing support given to me by Deborah. The increased knowledge gained through this program has assisted me to understand the underlying factors that affect weight gain.  Through this program I have benefited through being more in control of my eating habits and have seen some great weight loss results.”- Belinda, Patterson Lakes


“The best part of the weight loss program was being surrounded and supported by other like minded participants who were going through a similar situation to myself.  Through Deborah’s program I learnt about the many factors that affect weight loss and the importance of eating a cleaner and healthier diet.”- Weight Loss Participant, Carrum


“This weight loss program helped me to get the measurement results I desired. I also found that my energy levels improved and as my body changed shape, I was able to fit into smaller clothes. I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about wanting to lose weight.”- Megan, Carrum


Weight Loss Video Testimonial – Kim



Naturopathy Testimonials

“The best part of the treatment was feeling healthier, more energy, learning about correct foods and how this affects the body. I would recommend seeing Agata as her Naturopathic approach helps the whole body, works on the source of the problem, you see and feel the benefits.” Julie from Carrum

“Agata” good professional holistic naturopathic treatment. Highly recommend. Will be coming back!- Joanna, Essendon


I came in to see the lovely Agata, who ran some tests and in return handed me a thorough report of findings. Taking on board Agata’s professional advice and suggestions, one week later and I am already feeling the improvement. Thank you Agata. - Calleen, Carrum 

“The best part of the treatment was getting relief from my allergy, however, the hardest was definitely going without the foods I like during the elimination process. The biggest change to my health is the relief of allergies and increased energy. I would recommend going to see Deborah. Her extensive knowledge of herbs and their uses is awesome as well as her friendly manner. The way she conveys her wisdom is great!”- Brett from Carrum Downs


“Deb is a fantastic Naturopath who is extremely thorough in her approach to help patients (me!) achieve optimum well-being”- Anna (Health Practitioner)


“I had not had eczema on my hand until after my first child, than after my second the eczema on my hand increased in severity. I went to my local GP who told me that it was just part of being a mother. I did not believe this to be the case so that was when I contacted Energie Natural Health. If it were not for the elimination diet and Deborah’s persistence to find an answer, I would still be scratching. Not only have my hands cleared up but I no longer have acne and I have a lot more energy. I cannot thank Deborah enough of all that she has done, I am a new person!”- Nicole from Chelsea


“Deborah’s tailored treatments and full attention meant that my gut symptoms improved and overall I feel much better than I did beforehand. I have now learnt to manage my food intolerances and have my gut problems under control.”- Nadia from Bonbeach


“The treatment provided practical results and a good explanation of what you were doing and why. I noticed increased energy, general well being and improved immunity, my fibroid decreased in size meaning I didn’t need to have surgery! The good consult and assessment meant treatment was focused and effective and I felt safe taking the remedies which worked extremely well.”- Julie from Chelsea


“The best part of the treatment was feeling like I was getting back on track and getting healthier and I was very impressed with Deb’s scientific knowledge and experience. After seeing Deb I feel well, have new energy and have decreased my pain by 80%.”- Maureen, Chelsea


Kinesiology Testimonials

“Karen is awesome! Great to help de-stress and clear the mind, rid the body of negative feelings and helped to increase positivity in my life.  I have better awareness of my body and how negative emotions impact my overall well-being and skeletal system.  I feel more free and spiritually enlightened!”- Anna (Health Practitioner)