Weight Loss Programs



What’s involved:

  • 6 week program
  • a talk every week on nutrition & healthy food
  • weekly measurements of centimeters lost & fat loss
  • group support – small groups of 5-8
  • one on one discussion with Nutritionist, Tarryn to go through results

The diet:

  • Involves eating real food – yay!
  • It works with your body’s metabolism to switch you into the fat burning zone
  • Trains you how to eat a well balanced diet to prepare you for the future

What to expect: 

  • Fat loss of 0.5-2 kgs of fat per week
  • Increase energy
  • Resolution of bad gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Feeling great with an increased enthusiasm for life!
What happens afterward:
  • This diet & the program with all the nutritional information is designed to teach you about healthy food choices
  • You get specific instructions on how to come off the diet successfully & not put the weight back on
  • The program is designed to help you identify any mental blocks that you have with your weight and food and to aid you to overcome them
For more information: 
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7 Secrets to Effective Weight Loss that No One Told You!

At Energie we believe that there are many factors that contribute to losing weight and it is not always as simple as eat less and exercise more. Often people spend a lot of time and money at the gym and on personal training but forget that weight loss is 80% dietary changes and 20% exercise.  On top of that there are lots of other things that happen in life, with stress increasing and emotional eating can taking place. That’s not including all of the hidden reasons why people have trouble losing weight. There are factors that can contribute to weight gain and also ones that stop you from losing weight. These factors are what we address in the weight loss program;  they are “The 7 secrets to effective weight loss that no one told you!”

                                                             Tarryn Donnelly is a qualified Nutritionist that specialises in weight loss.

She uses a system that focuses on your own body’s metabolism and hormonal control to give you a big fat blasting boost!

Tarryn’s job is to motivate, guide and educate you on the best foods and program for you. If things aren’t working or you are not feeling well, she changes the program to suit you, the individual. You will receive the best and most effective way to boost your body into the fat burning zone.

Tarryn has run many weight loss programs with lots of different sorts of people of different ages and loves seeing the results people get. She is highly motivated to get the best results for you, and really enjoys running the program.


Weight Loss Systems

At Energie we use a range of different systems to suit your individual needs. And yes! You will still be eating real healthy food.

The different systems and meal plans work by stabilising your blood glucose levels, therefore you don’t crave sugar and feel the need to go for a sugary treat around 4pm in the afternoon anymore. You will be eating at least 2 meals a day and at least 2 snacks to keep you topped up daily. The systems are designed so that you don’t get hungry and if you do Deborah will advise you of the different healthy foods that you can eat throughout the day or what you can add to your meals to keep you fuller for longer.

The dietary systems, plans and the programs are designed to re-train what you eat and when you eat it. You will be educated on what is healthy food and we will expel some of the common myths around what is healthy.

Aren’t things sometimes more fun when you do them in a group? Yes for some people and not for others. That’s why here at Energie you can choose to join a group program or you can do your weight loss program one on one.


7 Simple Steps Towards Weight Loss & Healthy Eating

7 simple steps towards weight loss and healthy eating is designed based for:

  • People that hate dieting
  • Those that do not want to do a drastic diet
  • Individuals that want to lose weight a bit slower
  • People that want easy to follow steps
  • Vegetarians
  • Those that want a simple healthy eating plan
  • For weight maintenance

The program is designed so that you can take each step and incorporate it into your routine to get to the point where you are adopting a completely healthy diet and lifestyle in 7 simple steps. Incorporation of each of these steps one at a time is designed so that you take on healthy eating and living in a fashion that is long lasting and sustainable, i.e.  there is no “fad” diet.

The Shake IT program

The Shake IT program is using a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. It tricks your body’s metabolism so that you preferentially burn fat to provide your body with energy. It is a very efficient way of losing weight as quickly as possible.

The Shake IT diet is great for:

  • Individuals that want to get results quickly
  • Brides to be – weight loss before your wedding
  • Those that prefer a drastic change
  • People that like information in a large chunk


Group or Individual?

Group Weight Loss

The group weight loss program is a great way to have some fun while losing weight and get group support from others that are in the same situation as you. We have a small group of people from 5 to 8 participants. This way we all get to know each other really well. We meet once weekly for 6-8 weeks on the same night and time each week.

Generally the night begins with Tarryn asking everyone how they have gone that week and any challenges that they have faced. If they haven’t gone well we nut out some ways to overcome the challenges that they are facing. Tarryn will do a talk that will go from 20 to 30 minutes on one of the “7 secrets to effective weight loss that no one told you”. She may ask you to fill in a questionnaire or we may do some testing to assess whether this may be a hidden obstacle for you.

Then we will weigh, measure and perform bioimpedance analysis on you. Tarryn will go through your bioimpedance analysis reading with you which will show your fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration, and energy production by your muscles, biological age, and some other markers. Your progress will be recorded on the board. We also get you to add up the amount of centimetres that you have lost that week and you will get a ribbon that is those centimetres in length to remind you of how you have done.


Individual Weight Loss

The individual weight loss program is great for those that have time restrictions, would prefer to do weight loss one on one, or would like some extra special treatment. The program still goes for 6-8 weeks and you can choose the time and day that suits you best to come in.


What Happens at the End?

At the end of your program we don’t just say “see you later and good luck!”. Even though you have learnt all of these great things about healthy food we expect that you will need some guidance. Tarryn will put you onto a weight maintenance program. The maintenance program is designed so that you maintain the weight that you have already lost. The maintenance program is also tailored to your individual needs as some people need more guidance than others.

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