Bioimpedance Analysis


What is Bioimpedance Analysis?

Bioimpedance analysis takes an internal snapshot of your body to reveal if you are functioning to your full potential through a specific set of parameters. VLA is the term VLA is short for “Vitality, longevity and healthy ageing”.

How does it work?

The bioimpedance machine attaches to your ankle and wrist and measures how effectively your body conducts a small electrical charge. This measurement along with height, weight and other general measures are entered into a computer program that generates an individually tailored health report. The report shows:

  •     Body composition including body fat, muscle, water hydration levels
  •     Biological age
  •     Muscle quality
  •     Energy generation & cellular health

Why do it?

Have you ever thought that you should be working towards a health goal but didn’t quite know what it was? The report shows you the areas that need a little more attention and as a result you can streamline your diet and fitness regime to have more energy, feel fantastic and reach your body’s full potential!

Most importantly, bioimpedance analysis is quick, easy and painless!