Detoxification Programs



Why Detoxify?

Detoxification is a great way to kick your body into gear. Reasons to detoxify are if you are feeling sluggish, have low energy, if you have over indulged recently, especially good at the start of a weight loss program to increase fat burning potential, for preconception care to aid fertility, to clear out your body for general health and well being.

Detoxification can also help specific medical conditions such as the female hormonal conditions of endometrosis, fibroids, mastalgia or pre menstrual syndromes. Oestrogen detoxification protocols are available for these and other conditions.

Different types of detoxification programs are available. Doing a detoxification program is a great way of spring cleaning your body to help it to function at full potential!


Our Toxic Environment

At Energie we believe that you are what you eat and unfortunately even if we have a good diet these days, we are exposed to toxins in the environment.

What makes your body toxic?

  • Medications, including antibiotics
  • Alcohol
  • Processed foods
  • Preservatives & colourings in foods
  • Sugar & hidden sugars in food
  • Increased bad bacteria in the gut
  • Low fibre diet

Typical signs that you may need to detoxify:

  • Low energy
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Stomach bloating
  • Waking up at around 3am
  • Tan or floating stools

What are you working on?

When you do a detoxification you are increasing the toxic elimination from different organs. These organs of elimination are:

  • Liver
  • Bowels
  • Kidneys
  • Skin
  • Lungs
  • Lymphatics


How do we measure health/detoxification capacity?

  • Zinc tally – tests your level of zinc, an important detoxification mineral
  • Urinary indican testing – tests levels of bad bacteria in your digestion
  • Nail analysis – gives insights into mineral status
  • Tongue analysis – shows how well your digestion is working
  • Body composition analysis – VLA – measures cell function & inflammation
  • pH test – when your body is more alkaline you have better detoxification capacity
  • Iridology – a look into your overall health & detoxification capacity for different systems
  • Functional liver detoxification profile – will measure your phase 1 & 2 detoxification – if either phase has an issue you can tailor your detox to be specific to optimise detoxification through that phase


How would you expect to feel after a detox/why should I do it?

Most people feel a little tired for the first 3 days of going through the detoxification. This is your body processing all the toxins and clearing them out of your system. After that most will feel an increase in energy, their skin will glow, feel lighter, sleep better, good digestion, clear thinking and most will lose between 1.5kg – 3.5kg in a typical 2 week detoxification period. This is fantastic for losing some extra kilos!

There are so many different types of detoxification’s – which one?

The detox’s that we do focus on helping your liver, bowels, kidneys and lymphatics to clear out toxins with herbs, vitamins & minerals clean eating – these standard detox’s are the “Express detox” (1 week) or “Quick cleanse” (2 weeks).

For those people that may have some digestive upsets including bloating, stomach pain, wind, or irritable bowel – the integrated detox that goes for a minimum of 6 weeks helps to correct any imbalance. This includes testing of gut bacteria to see that there is the right balance.

 Express Detox – 2 weeks

A typical detoxification period for those feeling a little sluggish

  • Detoxification diet
  • Detoxification booklet
  • 1 x Detox essential powder
  • 1 x Liver & gut support powder
  • 2 x standard consultations
  • 2 x Bioimpedance analysis (to measure fat burning)


Integrated Detoxification – 4 weeks

For those that also have gut symptoms like bloating, flatulence, tan or floating stools

This detoxification encompasses the 4 Rs of gut detoxification which are 1) Remove any bad bacteria, 2) Renew the health of the gut with good bacteria 3) Repair the health of the gut with supporting nutrients and 4) Release any toxins that have built up in the gut

  • 1 x Detox essentials powder
  • 1 x Digestive support tablets
  • 1 x Liver & gut support powder
  • 1 x Antimicrobial tablets
  • 1 x Probiotic
  • Detoxification diet
  • Detoxification booklet
  • 2 x standard consultations

**There are other types of detox programs that can be put together depending on certain symptoms. This can be assessed in an initial consultation.