Linda Novosad


  • Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (1200hr), Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training (Sept 2015)
  • Diploma of Yoga Teaching (500hr), Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training (Dec 2014)
  • Level 2 First Aid Certificate including CPR and Epipen/Anapen (Valid to Nov 2017)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (Level 1), Yoga Australia

Linda Novosad is an experienced and highly qualified yoga instructor who also leads private, couples and group yoga and meditation classes locally.  Featured in Australian Health and Fitness magazines (Australian Women’s Health and Fitness and Australian Natural Health), Linda’s superior training, practice and experience has influenced a creative yet passionate and personal approach with each of her clients.

Believing that yoga has a place for everyone including poses to meditation, Linda guides her clients through a deep meditative session also called Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep).  Yoga Nidra has a positive effect on the physical, mental and spiritual body but allows for an ever changing practice depending on the practitioners’ place and mindset.  Individual outcomes greatly vary but generally include minimizing tension, increasing focus, relaxing the mind, clearing any conscious or unconscious issues, awakening creativity, improving or enhancing memory and learning, counteracts stress, heals through awareness and promotes willpower and confidence. It is said that one hour’s Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 3-4 hours’ deep restorative sleep – no wonder it’s so good!

More generally practiced during Savasana at the end of a yoga practice, Yoga Nidra plays an important role by preparing the body and mind to enter a meditative state but it can be practiced separately to assist those who find it a struggle to meditate as Yoga Nidra can make it easier.

The most important thing is, the more you practice Yoga Nidra, the better it gets.  Yoga Nidra for some can feel like a deep sleep that recharges the body but doesn’t make you feel too drowsy afterwards or affect your sleep, it can actually enhance it.

Some clients have said ‘It’s the best I’ve slept and I woke up so refreshed”. “I couldn’t believe it went for an hour it felt like 15 minutes!”. “I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time”

So if you are looking for deeply restorative and relaxing Yoga Nidra experience or looking to create a personal intention through meditation, contact Energie Natural Health to arrange a private Yoga Nidra meditation session.  All props are provided and believe me, you’ll want to try this again and again.  Private sessions start in February 2016, and availability varies on days/ times.

**Please note that payment must be made in advance and a strict cancellation policy applies**